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EDUgest – Gestão Escolar e Melhoria das Escolas


Educational research has given relevance to the important role of school leadership in the efficiency of the school Organization and student´s outcomes; school leadership is considered the second educational variable with highest impact on the quality of learning and student´s motivation. EDUgest´s Project – School Leadership and School Improvement, is financed by Fundação Belmiro de Azevedo, and it´s a project that intents to study leadership with the perspective of three key dimensions: i) leadership and management structures of Portuguese schools; ii) school leadership and management practices e iii) classroom leadership and management. This project combines both quantitative and qualitative methodology of research. Following this text, some graphical images intent to portrait in a visual way, an overview of the project.

Financing ProgramExecution DateGlobal Budget
Fundação Belmiro de Azevedo no âmbito do Edulog/16-19n/an/a