FEP faculty professors published, in coauthorship, an article in the journal Clinical Child Psychology & Psychiatry

Pedro Dias, Lurdes Veríssimo and Alexandra Carneiro, FEP faculty members and researchers at CEDH, published together with Bárbara Figueiredo, from the University of Minho, an article in the journal "Clinical Child Psychology & Psychiatry". The article, entitled "Academic achievement and emotional and behavioural Problems: The moderating role of gender" presents data from the ASEBA battery validation project in Portugal, highlighting the moderating role of gender in the association between academic performance and emotional and behavioural problems in Portuguese children and adolescents.

Dias, P., Veríssimo, L., Carneiro, A., & Figueiredo, B. (2022). Academic achievement and emotional and behavioural problems: The moderating role of gender. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry. DOI: 10.1177/13591045211059410