Augusta Gaspar


Augusta Gaspar is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences since 2014 and a member of the coordination board for its undergraduate program in Psychology in Lisbon. She is also a full researcher at the Centre for Psychological Research and Intervention of ISCTE-IUL, where she formerly coordinated the Psycho-physiology and Emotion Group. Holding an Honours degree in Psychology, an MSc in Ethology, a PhD in Biological Anthropology, followed by a 6 year Post-Doc position conducting research in Psycho-physiology and Experimental Psychology, Augusta Gaspar is a cross-disciplinary scholar with a focus on emotion and expressive communication. She is currently addressing empathy, prosocial behavior (if you want American spellings) and morality, particularly in children and adolescents, and is also involved in the design and assessment of interdisciplinary interventions (e.g. using information technologies) toward improving empathy and mental health. She teaches courses in basic psychological processes, such as Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Motivation and Emotion, both at UCP and other universities (ISCTE-IUL, ULHT and INSPSIC). In her 15 years of university teaching, she has coordinated courses that bridge Psychology, Biology and Anthropology. She has published extensively in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

Scientific areas of activity

Brain, Emotion and Cognition in Economic Environment

Emotions, Health and Wellbeing

Psychology of Motivation and Emotion

Academic CV

Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH)