Elza Mesquita


Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Sciences and Supervision of the School of Education, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. He holds a Master's degree in Educational Sciences from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Lisbon (2005), Ph.D. in Child Studies, Teacher Training, University of Minho Institute of Education and a postdoctoral degree in Educational Sciences, in the area of specialization in Pedagogical Supervision. She assumed the positions of director of undergraduate, master's and technological specialization courses. She was Director of the Scientific Committee of the Masters Course in Teaching of the 1st Cycle (2011-2013). In 2013, she assumed the position of director of the Bachelor's Degree in Basic Education. She is author and coauthor of scientific books and coauthor and illustrator of works of literature for the childhood being that two of its works integrate the National Plan of Reading since 2010 and one of them was published in Argentina and Brazil.

Scientific areas of activity
  • Teacher training
  • Pedagogical Supervision
  • Sciences of Education
  • Children's Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Reading Techniques
Academic CV

Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH)